Consultancy Services

Koral Associates offers the following Consultancy Services:

  • RF Applications Advice:
    • Suitability of your Application for RF, Microwave or Induction Heating
      • Food Products
      • Textile Applications
      • Paper Converting Drying Applications
      • Fibreglass Drying Applications
      • MDF and Particleboard Pre-Heating
      • Plastic Welding
      • Other Products
    • Power requirements, machine specification, sizing and selection
    • RF Oscillator, Generator and Complete Machine design
      for Free Running Oscillators or 50 Ohm Technology
    • Help with RF Heating or Drying problems
  • Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Advice and Solutions:
    • Assistance with EN55011 (Europe), AS2064 (Australia) 
      and FCC Title 47 Part 18 (USA) compliance and measurement
    • Practical Shielding and Filtering Solutions for RFI reduction for existing machines and new designs
    • Resolving problems with RF Interference with other machinery, communications etc.
  • Health and Safety Advice and Solutions including
    • OSHA CFR 1910-97 (USA)
    • Physical Agents Directive requirements for Non Ionising Radiation (Europe)
    • Safe Interlocking, design of protective systems
  • Improving Machine Reliability and Performance
    • Generator Design Improvement
    • Protection Circuits to prevent damage to the machine and products
    • Tube Life
    • Cooling System Design
  • Technician and Operator Training Courses
    • General RF Awaresness Training
    • Custom-Designed Training Programs for RF Heaters and Dryers
  • Triode Tube (Valve) Calculations, conversions and replacement advice.
  • Expert Witness Service

We are located at:

Maple Lodge
Goring Road

South Oxfordshire


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